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Updated: Sep 21, 2020

From observations I've made in 31 years of life I personally don't think we have ever lived in a time so technologically connected. This technology connection through devices and the internet is minimizing our real world human interactions that we once experienced more often without these commodities. Sure there are many positive benefits that come from these computerized progressions but when it begins consuming and affecting our over all selves as an organic alive being is it worth it?

Humans are easily taken down this path of every day computerized integration with these technologies because of the feasibility that comes along with them. Our subconsciousness is purposely being programmed over decades periods of time to normalize this new era that some twisted people are pushing forth. It becomes directly correlated with our daily habitual behaviors along with our way of thinking. We are conscious creators of our own realities wether we realize it or not, creating deliberately with every exerted energy spilled outward into the universe. We can use these modern technological advances for our own personal advancements with the understanding of the negative aspects they hold or we can integrate them so much into our lives that it eventually consumes it completely destroying our organic race.

Some ideas being presented by corporations through media outlets existing today are sickening. Ideologies, norms and beliefs of generations currently being brought up in todays societies seem to separate them more and more from a connection we all inherently have with nature and our personal selves. Teachings of schools, text books, countries elites and even some questionable organizations seem to want to separate us from our own selves. Teaching us to seek answers outward when in reality where we need to seek most is inward. Our subconscious mind operates 95 percent of our daily lives through its habitual ways and it's always listening wether we are aware of it or not. Our creative conscious mind only operates 5 percent. Every subliminal message and environmental signal we allow to surround us in our day to day lives will be hammered and programmed into our minds completely affecting our way of thinking. As the famous philosopher Lau Tzu said "Watch your thoughts they become your words. Watch your words they become your actions, watch your actions they become your habits. Watch your actions they become your character. Watch your character for it becomes your destiny.

We must strive to create a reality for ourselves now and for future generations that will come after us. Those flourishing adults of the future can be proud of their fore fathers for the actions we choose to take now. A shift in our way of thinking must take place globally we must wake up to what life is really about. We have the responsibility to take charge of our lives thinking for the collective good. Learning how to take care of ourselves, our tribes, body, spirit and minds becoming aware of what we allow into our environment, surroundings and subconscious minds.

Breaking the chains of limitations a note from the author.

The only limitations existing are those created in the mind. If we can release ourselves from our fears we can possibly transcend. The thoughts expressed in this article are from visual journalist Kailani Jabour. He acquired a visual journalism bachelors from Brooks in 2013. With this first blog post I manifest the positive cultivation of the mind and its creativeness power.

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