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Kailani Jabour is a professional free surfer coming out of the North Shore of Oahu. His father Joao Jabour, a big wave surfer, was one of the first surfers to come out of Brazil and showed Kailani the surfing lifestyle at a young age. His brother is a poffessional competitive surfer who pursuits a spot on the World Championship Tour. During his free time Kailani chases crystal clear water barreling waves, his preference, at home on Oahu and around the world. 


As a surf instructor, Kailani enjoys meeting new people and getting them stoked on their experience in and out of the water. Not only focused on showing his students a good time, but also that they are educated and informed about surfing techniques so they can improve their abilities and proggress at whatever level they may be at.


Escellent quality lessons from a experienced surfer and a fun time guaranteed!

Contact for inquires:



808- 721- 2159

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