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Capturing your favorite visualized moments.

Emotion evoking compelling visuals with rich story telling.

Best Bali Uluwatu sunset lookout spot with model Mai Claire.
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About us.

We truly love story telling through videos and photographs taking on every project excepted in a creative way. Looking to capture into our hard drives golden uniquely framed images and ideas that really enrich the over all final product. Emotionally impacting viewers and making a strong top quality difference.


Kj Visions is a multi media production platform connecting you with quality content and content creators.


Share your business through marketing content.

Owner Kailani Jabour works professionally creating content for Kj Visions multi media clients. Since he was young he's been in love with photography & videography. Choosing to further gain knowledge in the field he proceeded to acquire in 2013 a Brooks college bachelors degree in visual journalism. Since then he's worked on multiple tv show documentary length projects, brand campaigns, marketing videos and more. Some of Kj Visions clients include but are not limited to Globosat, San Lorenzo, Oc16, Gopro, Agence France Press among others.

Connected we are capable of assembling a team for bigger projects. In this growing digital world people have never turned to media content more for business promotion or to capture special moments to share and cherish.


Are you searching to capture media content to promote your business or digitize special moments so they can be replayed and cherished? Please don't hesitate to contact us today providing some information regarding your inquiry.

Thanks! Message sent.

Commonly our clients all look for stunning compelling imagery with emotional impact and unique story telling ideas.


English, portuguese, indonesian and spanish are some of the languages we can speak.

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